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W elcome to Keltic Armament, LLC

   Keltic Armament can facilitate the sale, or transfer, of your firearms to another person. Under Washington State law you will need to complete a transfer of a firearm if you are buying a firearm, including interstate transfers.

​The transfer fee is not refundable​, regardless of your background results.

   The transfer fee schedule is:

   - $30 for each pistol.

​   - $30 for a pair of long guns (rifle/shotgun).

​   - $75 for each NFA/SOT transfer (suppressors/short barrel rifle). Excludes purchases from

Interstate purchases must  include a invoice/bill of sale before a transfer can be completed.

​We will only accept Interstate/Out-of-State transfers from Federal Firearms Licensees.

Please contact us prior to shipping items to us from dealers, distributors or persons from other states.


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