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Company Policy

W elcome to Keltic Armament, LLC


​Washington State Use Tax​ (sales tax) is collected from the purchaser at the time of transfer if the firearm originated from (was shipped from) a dealer outside Washington State.

FBI Background Checks are mandatory per transfer. We will gladly complete the transfer with  a "PROCEED" status from the FBI. In the past, if you have received a "DELAYED" response with no resolution after 10 days we cannot transfer the firearm. (Your transfer fee is not refundable.) If you need more information or have questions please call us.

Acceptable Forms of ID are:

   - a Washington State Driver's License with your current address (PO Box are not accepted).

   - or other gov't issued ID (ie. passport, CPL, current car registration).

   - a utility bill in your name and listing your current address.

​   We cannot complete the transfer without your acceptable form of ID.

Consignment firearms are no longer accepted. On a case by case basis we may purchase a firearm from a private party.

Picking Up Your Purchase

​KelticArmament will contact you within 3 business days to schedule the pickup of your purchase. We will use the contact information you provide at the time of purchase. Due to limited space, there will be a $20/month storage fee if the purchase is not picked up within 30 days of your first notification.